Digital Analytics

Digital Analytics is the activity of measuring, collecting, analyzing and reporting data from the web, with the aim of understanding and optimizing people's online behaviors.

Who does digital analytics help?

Analytics create value only when they connect with all business teams:

  • Marketing Area: data analytics enables optimization of landing pages, helps to better segment customers, refine advertising campaigns and social media activity and identify predictable profits based on the relationship with customers
  • Production Area: data analysis enables discovery of product and application performance, behavioral analysis on buyers and detailed demographic and geographic analysis
  • Sales Area: data analysis makes it possible to optimize sales, propose related products to the customer, assess Customer Value and obtain detailed information about the consumer
  • Executive Area: data analysis enables consumer research, Competitive Intelligence analysis and the possibility to understand data through the creation of dashboards
  • IT Area: data analysis allows you to monitor service performance, analyze how the company website is being used and improve IT infrastructure

These are just some of the examples of how a business can leverage the amount of data at its disposal. Every business has specific needs and requirements, and Digital Analytics, when used in the right way, helps each resource do its job better and optimize its relationship with its current and future customers.